The World Economics Forum welcomes the American president. Here’s how the Swiss feel about that.

The Swiss Sojourner generally avoids political commentary, but with world leaders gathering right here in Davos for the World Economics Forum, I’ve decided to include a brief post on an event that took place here in Geneva as the meetings in Davos were getting underway. (Similar events were held across Switzerland in Lausanne, Zurich, Basel, and Bern.)

My friend Rabea told me that there was going to be a demonstration at 7:00 PM in the commercial district of Geneva along the Place du Molard. The Place du Molard is a beautiful pedestrian thoroughfare, especially at night.

Place du Molard

Reflecting the international nature of the city, each of the little lighted tiles has a greeting in a different language.

When I arrived at Place du Molard, the demonstration was just beginning. There were about 400 people there, many holding holding signs and torches, but not those stupid backyard tiki torches that american racists favor.

More signs at the anti-trump rally

The sign on the right says: “47 years of shenanigans, by jove, that’s enough!

Signs at anti-trump demonstration

Truth is, Davos is actually quite beautiful, but I get the sign bearer’s point.

The peaceful demonstration lasted about 45 minutes.

The crowd at the anti-trump rally in Geneva

Some of the demonstrators

Here’s what a demonstration in Geneva Switzerland against the World Economics Forum, and one participant in particular, looks and sounds like.

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