Christmas time in Geneva — Cool Christmas lights abound!

I’ve been busy with holiday activities, and so I’ve relegated my blogging obligations to the back burner, but I did manage to take some pictures of the city’s Christmas lights of a walk we took a week ago. Here they are. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year. If I missed anything, Happy That, too! Continue reading

The hills are alive … with the sound of recycling!

Do you like the sound of shattering glass? If so, you would like how the recycling system works in Geneva. I made two videos which depict the key stages of glass recycling in Geneva. The first one is the stage in which one empties his or her glass into the appropriate bins, strategically located around town every couple of blocks, so recycling is very convenient. Continue reading

Three beautiful images: a lake, an island, and a sunrise.

Generally speaking, whenever I sit down to write one of these posts, my objective is to share something that I have found interesting or notable about the Swiss or European way of life or simply to show an image of something that I found especially beautiful. For this particular post, I am emphasizing the latter objective. Here are three images I photographed and/or video recorded that I found especially awe inspiring. Continue reading

Another emotional reunion, this time with my college pal Rob in Budapest, Hungary

In a previous life, I attended a small liberal arts college for my first two years in a small town in Ohio. There I met this guy named Rob, a fellow rower, from the Philadelphia area. We became very good friends, and let the record show that we won an awful lot of crew races together in those two years. I transferred away after two years, but we remained in contact through the rest of college and for a few years after that. A few years later, Rob got an MBA from a prestigious east coast school which led him to a program overseas in Budapest, Hungary. I knew he was there, but we sort of lost track of each other at that point.

Fast forward about 20 years. When I learn I am going to be relocating to Geneva, I double down on my efforts to locate Rob, and I manage to succeed Continue reading

My take on Swiss politics: Campaigns (and campaign ads) are much more fun than their American counterparts.

There are certain things about the U.S. that I truly miss. My friends and family foremost of course, college basketball on the weekends, and affordable peanut butter to name a few. But topping the list of things I don’t miss at all? American politics and the campaign process. I wish the American system was more like the Swiss system. Continue reading

Here’s what happens to a 20 Swiss Franc coin when it gets run over by a light rail tram

Ever wonder what happens to a virtually useless 20 cent Swiss franc coin when it gets run over by a really heavy light rail train?  Well I do.  And I figured, rightly I’m sure, that other inquiring minds would want to know.   So I conducted the scientific experiment depicted in the following video. Continue reading