Next time you’re in Paris, don’t miss an evening concert in Sainte Chapelle

We recently visited Paris, and yes, we did many of the things you would expect American expats to do in Paris. We packed in plenty during our three days and nights there including a visit to the Louvre and some other great museums (stay tuned for a future post on that…); two walking tours — one in Montmartre (featuring Sacre Coeuer) and another in the Marais neighborhood (Victor Hugo’s old stomping grounds); a long walk down to the Eiffel Tower, a picnic lunch on the Île de la Cité, and a modern dance performance of Carmen that was out of this world.

We also did something that is my favorite thing to do in the city and something I recommend to everyone I know who is planning a trip to Paris.  Go see an evening concert at the Sainte Chapelle cathedral.  Continue reading

“High Speed Train” to Paris lives up to its name!

There are essentially three different kinds of trains that one can take to get from place to place in Europe – or I suppose anywhere else, for that matter. These are, in ascending order of speed and “fun factor”, 1) your basic urban “tram”, as it is known in Geneva; 2) your somewhat more exciting regional commuter-type rail train; and 3) your super duper “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” bullet-type train. In this post, I hope to give you a first hand look at what it feels like to ride each one of these trains. Continue reading