Amster… dam, this city rocks!

I’m sometimes asked, ‘what’s your favorite European city?’. It’s a question I always have a little trouble answering. I’ve written in this blog about our adventures in places like Paris, London, Rome, Budapest, and many others. Which was my favorite? It’s a tie.

But I think I can answer this question: Where did you have the most fun? Used to be Dublin. But after visiting for five days last month, there’s a new leader in the clubhouse: Amsterdam. Here’s a look at a little of what we did. Continue reading

I’ve visited dozens of European cathedrals. Here are my two favorites.

The Cathedral from the Plaza

The Cathedral from the Plaza

I’ve written before about European cathedrals and how awe inspiring they are. We generally make it a point to visit the cathedral in every town we visit. While all grand European cathedrals have certain common elements – such as 100 foot high ceilings, cool statuettes and gargoyles, ornate doorways, and enormous pipe organs – each also has its own unique “personality”. For some, its distinctiveness is revealed in the structure’s exterior, for others, in its interior. Therefore, I am compelled to select two favorites. My choices are: For best exterior… the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Strasbourg, France. (Honorable mention: the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Clermont, France because it’s made of black basalt.) And for best interior… the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière in Lyon, France. (Honorable mention: Saint Peters’ Basilica at Vatican City because its really really huge.) Continue reading