London Calling!

During our recent visit to London, I was struck by the town’s various dichotomies. In the realms of architecture, the arts, and cultural traditions, one immediately recognizes these divisions: old and new; classical and contemporary; solemn and whimsical. This post includes some photos and videos documenting some of the sites we saw and the activities we undertook in our 5-day visit that illustrate this dichotomy.

Once one completes the hour-long Tube trip from Heathrow International Airport into the heart of the city, the most apparent of these dichotomies is in the architecture. Continue reading

We spent 5 days in Ireland – Irish we could’ve stayed longer!

Our next door neighbors back in the U.S., the Lavins, are very proud of their Irish heritage. They would take regular trips to Dublin to introduce their four sons to the land of their ancestors. Each time, upon their return, I would ask them what Ireland was like, and they would describe the beautiful scenery, the friendly people, and yes – the “lively” Irish pubs. During our recent visit, we experienced all of these features firsthand. This post is intended as something of a “travelogue” including our impressions, photos and short videos of a few highlights of our visit. Continue reading