Most Everything in Geneva is Really Expensive. Including a Haircut!

I might not yet have mentioned that Geneva is one of the most expensive towns on the planet.  Dinner out for two at a reasonably nice place starts at about the equivalent of $100.  A decent basketball costs about $50.  And what would run you about $100 at a grocery store in the U.S. (or France, for that matter) costs about $200 in Geneva.  Want to know what else costs a lot? A haircut costs over $40 in this town, and you can call me cheap, but unless I’m having my bangs highlighted and my eyebrows waxed, I simply refuse to pay over $15 for a trip to the salon! Continue reading

Car? We don’t need no stinking car! Look at all these cool things within 2 blocks of our apartment!

There are many differences between our lifestyle here in Geneva and that which we were accustomed to back in the states, but at the top of the list might be the fact that I never have to drive! Yes, we have rented a car to take our various trips, but whenever we are in town, virtually everything we want or need is within easy walking distance or a short bus or tram ride. Continue reading

Red Letter Day! Chris’ first school day at the International School of Geneva

As a parent, there is something about sending a child off on the first day to a new school that elicits a range of emotions. First and foremost, there is the excitement of the new adventure and personal growth that are sure to occur. And then there is the uncertainty: How fast will he make friends? How will he adjust to a much different environment than he is accustomed to? How will he like his classes and teachers? (At least for me, I find that my emotional frame of mind isn’t much dependent on the age of my kid… I feel basically the same whether we’re talking about the first day of kindergarten, or the first day of college.) We are experiencing these emotions today, as Chris headed off for his first day of his senior year in High School at the International School of Geneva. Continue reading