I’m going to miss hangin’ with Chris

Chris’s time as a temporary resident of Geneva has come to an end. He returned to the U.S this week to get ready for college. We’ve had some great times together, as I’ve documented in several posts. Chris, this post is for you. Here are some reminders of some memories of our last year together that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Here we are getting ready to take off on our first road trip to Genoa, Italy.

Chris and I about to embark on our first road trip, to Genoa Italy

Chris and me about to embark on our first road trip

I most remember how blown away we were seeing the Alps up close that first time: “wow… Wow!!… WOW!!!”.

Mont Blanc

Our first up close look at Mont Blanc in the Swiss Alps from behind the wheel on the way to Genoa

Remember that first dinner in town? That was funny when we asked our Italian waiter “are there some good beaches’?” and he thought we asked “are there some good bi____?”. Here’s another selfie we took while wandering around those “alleyways” after dinner.

Chris and I in Genoa

Chris and me in Genoa

Here’s a picture of us up in Lucerne at that international rowing regatta. I think the former rowers in the family (mom and me) might have enjoyed the actual racing more than you did, so thanks for accommodating us!

Chris and I at a rwing regatta in Lucerne

Chris and me at a rowing regatta in Lucerne

Here we are in Aix-en-Provence. I think this photo was taken on day 6 of our “green slime” regimen.

Chris and I in France

Chris and me in Aix-en Provence France

Here you are headed into school on your first day, a day I wrote about on this blog. We’re proud of how well you adjusted to your new school.

Chris' first day of school

Chris first day at the International School of Geneva last September

One of my fondest memories is working with you in the kitchen. Our culinary skills improved significantly!

Chris and I cooking

Chris and I enjoyed cooking together

Here we are at Gate G9 at MSP. We have a tradition of taking a selfie from that spot every time we flew in or out of MSP Airport.

Chris and I returning home in January

Chris and I returning home in January, at Gate G9

One of our last road trips, this one in Dublin. We had a blast in the pubs, listening to a street band, taking the cliff walk in Galway.

Chris and I in an Irish Pub

Chris and I made friends with the staff at a pub in Ireland

And here are two good videos taken on your last day in Geneva. What a beautiful day, and what a glorious hike up La Dole. And what an adventure on the way down, as the second video shows!

In closing, to borrow from the immmortal words of Bob Hope, “Thanks Chris, for all the memories.” Love, Dad.

La Dole, from the parking lot.

La Dole Decent, featuring cows.

8 thoughts on “I’m going to miss hangin’ with Chris

  1. Wow, what a great blog post. You both have had such a rare and such a fun opportunity. I know those memories will be with you the rest of your lives. Thank you for sharing. Chris, all the best at college.

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