Most Everything in Geneva is Really Expensive. Including a Haircut!

I might not yet have mentioned that Geneva is one of the most expensive towns on the planet.  Dinner out for two at a reasonably nice place starts at about the equivalent of $100.  A decent basketball costs about $50.  And what would run you about $100 at a grocery store in the U.S. (or France, for that matter) costs about $200 in Geneva.  Want to know what else costs a lot? A haircut costs over $40 in this town, and you can call me cheap, but unless I’m having my bangs highlighted and my eyebrows waxed, I simply refuse to pay over $15 for a trip to the salon!

We’ve figured out ways to manage many of these costs: We eat out only on rare or special occasions, we keep our basketball consumption to a bare minimum, and we take a bus over to France every weekend (along with all the other Genevans!) to do our grocery shopping.  But sadly, there are really just two options to save money on a haircut: 1) Cut your own hair; or 2) Just let it go and plan on getting it cut back in the states. I nearly cut my own hair, but then reconsidered on the grounds that “we didn’t have the right kind of scissors”, as if that would have made any noticeable difference in the end result.  I know this decision was cowardly, but it was also probably a little wise.

So its now been over 3 months since my last haircut.  Yes, its beginning to look a little shaggy.  The good news is I will be returning to the States very soon  to attend my nephew Brent’s wedding, and among the people I am most anxious to see is my barber at Cost Cutters!

In the meantime, I have now learned to create polls on this blog, and since this is the political season and polls are in vogue, I am including a poll on this blog post.  Here it is.  Vote early and often!







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