Another European fashion exposé: Faux leopard skin is in!

In my travels around Geneva as well as other European cities we have visited, one thing becomes immediately clear.  People love to wear faux leopard skin.  Faux leopard skin coats, faux leopard skin pants, faux leopard skin shorts, shoes, scarves, purses, hats. Even luggage!   Seriously, there is faux leopard skin everywhere.  So my advice to any faux leopards out there: stay away from Europe because your coat is a very hot commodity.

Chris warned me that I shouldn’t take pictures of random people, but my investigatory reporting instincts told me that this was a controversy that demands a thorough exposé.

I mean, seriously, check this out!

Its all the rage.

Its all the rage.

IMAG0255_1 1 IMAG0256 1 IMAG0296_BURST002_COVER 1 IMAG0299_BURST002_COVER 1 IMAG0300 1 IMAG0313 IMAG0354 IMAG0315

That's a suitcase!!

That’s a suitcase!!

I’m glad this post is in the rearview mirror, because frankly, I need to stop noticing how much everyone likes to wear faux leopard skin. It’s time to get on with the rest of my life!

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