A Photographic Exhibit: Geneva’s Beautiful Fall Colors, Along with Something Kinda Ugly

For those of you who regularly follow this blog, you are certainly aware by now of my gift for fine photography, especially photos of the natural world. In this post, I exhibit a series of photos – and one video – that portray the stunning beauty of Geneva’s fall colors. But anyone with a cell phone can take a pretty picture of colorful leaves. In this exhibit, I aspire to take the art form to a whole ‘nuther level. As you will see, each picture contains beautiful fall colors, but the beauty is juxtaposed with a foreign object that is kinda ugly. And yet, the beauty of the natural colors prevail. In the art world, this is known as “art”.


Exhibit #1: Tree and Crane

Tree and crane

See the crane in the upper left hand corner?

Exhibit #2: Tree and Ugly Car

Tree and ugly car

Can you believe that someone actually drives around in that monstrosity?

Exhibit #3: Tree and Bright Red Trash Can

Tree and bright red trash can

This would have been a better photo if the tree were bright red like the trash can

Exhibit #4: Tree and Truck Full of Aggregate

Tree behind a truck

This photo dedicated to my friend in aggregate, Fred

Exhibit #5: Tree and Billboard

Tree and billboard

See how the billboards direct the viewer’s eye to the trees? I did that on purpose.

Exhibit #6: Tree and Phone Booth

Tree and phone booth

Yep, they still have phone booths in this town.

Exhibit #7: Tree and Sign

Tree and sign

That says “Do Not Enter” in sign language.

Exhibit #8: Tree and Plastic Fence

Tree and fence

In retrospect, that’s actually kind of an attractive fence, as far as fences go.

Exhibit #9: Tree and Iron Gate gate

Tree and gate

The viewer is conflicted: The tree beckons, “come, look closer” and the gate forbids it. I did that on purpose too.

Exhibit #10: Trees and Trash Cans

Tree and trash cans

Note the contrast between the beautiful red and orange of the trees, with the dingy as hell green and yellow of the trash cans

Exhibit #11: Tree and Graffiti Bench

Tree and bench

Why in the world the does anyone feel compelled to scribble on a bench? Graffiti is for train cars and walls!

Exhibit #12: Trees and Construction Site

Tree and construction sites

Note contrasts of yellows, and how darn ugly that construction site is.

Exhibit #13: Tree and Silver Van

Tree and van

Silver, a color rarely found in nature, except for certain silver things

Exhibit #14: Tree and My Schnozz

Nose and Tre

Yep, I have a nose for fine photography.

Exhibit #15: Fall Colors from a Car

Here’s a video I shot from the passenger seat of our car, as we were driving down from La Dole, a smallish (by Swiss standards) mountain in the Jura mountain range not far from Geneva. All kidding aside, look how pretty the trees are. (Warning: it looks at times like we are about to drive off the road. Fear not -that is just an artistic illusion created by my reaching way out the window to take the shot.)

Move over, Ansel Adams!

4 thoughts on “A Photographic Exhibit: Geneva’s Beautiful Fall Colors, Along with Something Kinda Ugly

  1. I certainly hope that first small road on the video was one-way. I don’t know how two cars, let alone a truck, could pass on it otherwise. Thanks for the ART! 🙂

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