Another hardhitting exposé: There are an awful lot of really small dogs in this town!

Switzerland is well known for its world famous chocolate, cheese, and fine watches.  But there is another, less publicized, claim to fame that becomes immediately apparent.  Switzerland is the world’s undisputed leader in small dogs per capita.  Seems like everyone in this town owns a dog, and everyone of those dogs is really small.

In our city of Geneva, many people live in apartments, so it shouldn’t be surprising that most of the pet dogs one would be most apt to run across (and over, too, I suppose) would be small. But there is small and then there is small. As in tiny. I heeded Chris’s warning not to go all “paparazzi” on the citizens of Geneva like I had on the now infamous “Yankee fan” exposé, or the equally provocative “Faux leopard skin fashion” investigative report, but he didn’t say anything about photographing people’s dogs… so here goes:

There are black dogs…


… white dogs…


brown dogs…


spotted dogs….

20141019_133447_Android 1

cute dogs …



ugly dogs…


happy dogs…


sad dogs…


fluffy dogs…


long dogs…


skinny dogs…


… and yes, stinky dogs.


Everyone seems to have their little dog with them wherever they go, including the bus and train, the airport, and even restaurants.  Regardless of the time of day, one will find numerous people out walking their dogs, picking up after them (usually), carrying them around. Many times, the dogs are dressed for the occasion, sporting fashionable doggy sweaters or booties. Once again, I know what you’re thinking. “Seems like a lot of work… Why would anyone want to do all that?” And quite frankly, I agree, but to each his own. For me, I’ll wait until I find a breed of dog that doesn’t need to be walked, doesn’t like to get dressed up, doesn’t require you to pick up after him, and doesn’t mind spending time alone. Too bad there is no such breed.

Hey, hold on a minute!! What about one of these??!



5 thoughts on “Another hardhitting exposé: There are an awful lot of really small dogs in this town!

  1. Hysterical! Thanks for starting my say with a chuckle!! Never was a fan of small dogs….they tend to yap the loudest!!! The sad one got to me though. We had a large dog…big heart…never barked…he was perfect…keep the laughs coming…I missed the Yankee post… we are die hard fans here!!!

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